Sickness is Not your Enemy! (1)

                                              Wake UP Your Divine Medicine Wheel & Let It Run  (I)

Sickness is a mismatch of your five senses harmony manifestation.  No one likes it.  Our culture treats it as an enemy. Take cancer treatment for an example, for witch doctors use drugs, radiation and cutting. Oops! It is not your enemy, which is your friend, a warning, a hint or a sign that tells you there is some mismatch inside your body. It wants your attention and needs you to have a break to think deeply about what is really wrong. 

       When COVID-19 attacks this planet, the whole human society shows its vulnerable, and our advanced science, advanced medical system, medical institutions, doctors and professionals are at loss to stop it. You can sense there is something wrong.

       What is wrong?

       Human's disrespect for nature and other life has led to disrespect for human itself. As we know CCP, in order to rule world and occupies the world's resources, has developed this kind of biochemical weapon (COVID-19), which has caused thousands of thousands of death, and the number of death rate never stops, and the whole world economy has declined to its bottom, which is at the stake of cracking, which thus has preluded this planet disaster and this human catastrophe.