Wake Up Your Divine Medicine Wheel and Let It Run (V)

       Now we know we are eating for gaining nutrition to make up our required energy transformed to work on other things or persons and our digestive organs are selecting foods. We should take the food with rich enzymes and easy for our digestive organs to digest and avoid those that bring burdens to our digestive organs.

       The factors which cause diseases are many but eating is the man reason. We are sick because of our unhealthy eating habits.  When you feel ick, it is not you sick. it is your muscle sick.

       The human body is a magical alive biological changing container structure, which is composed of 206 pieces of bones and muscles. According to muscle's functions, it is grouped into  types: Skeletal muscle attaching to bones to allow its movement, Smooth muscle forming the different organs, and Cardiac muscle forming the heart.

       Muscle is made up of tissues and tissues are made up of cells. The normal muscles are  soft and as thin as the hairs. Among the muscles are staggered longitudinal meridians, in which QiBlood (energy) runs through, which brings the nutrition to the different organs, produces new cells, repairs damaged cells, kills bacterial and virus, and excretes wastes and toxins out of the body. Now you might understand you eat for your muscle. it is your muscle that requires proteins and nutrition.

       Besides the healthy foods mentioned, Yogurt, Soybeans, Beans, Quinoa, Chickpeas, Peanuts, nuts, Buckwheat flours, Wheat flour, Tofu, Almonds, Brown Rice, etc. are also a good support for your muscle.

       In the human body, the energy exists in the form of invisible and visible.  You can see blood but Qi. Qi relies upon blood to exist and blood relies on Qi to run through the meridians. This phenomenon of QiBlood cycling only exists in a living being.  When a being is dead, QiBlood disappears from the body after the death. When QiBlood leaves the being, the body becomes hard and cold due to the death.

       QiBlood is the essence of our life. QiBlood is our energy which mainly comes from the food we eat and drink.

       In the whole structure of bones and muscles, water occupies 80% and in QiBlood water occupies 75%. Please do not ignore the key function of water in our health. The importance of water is no less important than enzymes, proteins or nutrition required by our body. In the water there live 84000 microbes. that is why water s so powerful.

       Water is the essence of all the things on this planet. We even have to say without water without life. Without water without the material world. So each day drinking enough amount of water is so important for QiBlood to circulate through your body to supply you nutrition and extract the wastes and toxins out of your body so that your body can keep healthy and melodious.

       The sun and moon rotate every moment and never stop in the direction. A healthy person is the one mainly owns the healthy, soft muscle which allows your energy (QiBlood) influenced by the Sun nd Moon's trace to circulate in your meridians for every seconds without stopping. If the blood circulation works well, you are well too, because running water does not decay.