Wake Up Your Divine Medicine Wheel & Let It Run (VI)

       Look at a newly born baby, small, simple and naive, fragile and exquisite, soft with pink tender skin. You call it angel. Look into the mirror at you, big and experienced, strong and angular with clear lines on your face, hard with gloomy skin. How you name this picture in the mirror? You may have many for this one: normal person. successful person, killer, murder, thief, politician, conspirator, patient, vampire, zombie, spirit, ghost, devil but an angel. 

      You even try to take all kinds of anti-botulinum to make your muscle hard and strong. You got it. While you enjoy it, your body begin to go downhill. But you take it for granted because you think it is right all the people will get old and old people will die some day, which is accepted by the social culture. 

       But COVID-19 does not care your culture. it attacks all ages. Young or old, some dies but some not. So the death is nothing to do with your age.

       While you are proud of your strong and hard muscles, You sometimes feel sour or pain here and there in your body. You begin to see the doctors very often. But you take it for granted that as people get older, their body will get worse and worse, which is natural. At last, one day, you are sick authorized by your doctor.

       You are sick. It is not normal or natural. And it is not YOU sick. It is your muscle that is sick. Muscle sick conception is the first time mentioned here in the human history. As we know besides 206 pieces of bones, the left is all your muscles, which forms all your important organs. the muscle is made up of cells.

       All the proteins or untrition that our body absorbed goes to boost our muscles which have our organs and tissues nutriated. The normal muscle is soft and as thin as our hairs, in which meridians allow blood circulation and waste excretion. Meridians are like web covering everywhere in the body, through which QiBlood runs to every organs and tissues to nourish and excrete the wastes.

       If there is a block somewhere in your body, you get sick and a certain organ cannot get enough nutrition, which will also influence another close-related organ, such as Lung and Heart. If Qi ( breath) stops, blood is unable to run through the meridians; if heart stops work, Qi will disappears. COVID-19 has been designed to attack these two close-related organs.

       The above implies all diseases are caused by a block(s) in our muscles. Cancer, Asthma, Insomnia, Heart disease, Obesity, Alzheimer's disease, etc., all is from a small tumor without exception.



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