Sickness Is Not Your Enemy! (3)

Wake Up Your Divine Medicine Wheel & Let it Run (III)

       The small  "invisible"  virus has more large quantum energy than humans. Human beings are vulnerable.

       And then what is energy?

       In physics, energy is the capacity to do the work.

       Energy is invisible but it does exist.

       Energy is the quantum property transformed to an object to perform work on it.

       Energy can be converted into forms but not created or destroyed.  (e.g. Ice(solid) --> Water(liquid) --> Vapor(mist) --> (up till invisible)

       Energy is the essence of life to all the things living on this planet, which exists in different forms according to the structure and formation of the thing in which it resides.

       To humankind, the existing of the energy is Qi ( a breath, invisible) + Blood, which is regarded as QiBlood that is the essence of human life. Energy also means the capacity of work.

       Where does our energy come from?

       We have the innate energy from the cosmos, from Wind-Fire-Earth-Water, from stars, from our ancestors, from the sun and moon and from the earth. Because our body is a magical powerful biological interactive transformation system. Like the rotating of the sun and moon, it works every per second.

       What you think, you feel, and you do, even you make a sneezing or cough, all consumes your energy. Since your energy is transformed into the state of thinking, feeling, doing, sneezing or coughing, etc., the used energy needs the required energy to make it up. Let us come to another example. You push the door open. While you push the door, a small quantum of your energy is transformed to work on the door and your consumed energy is the state of the door open. That small part of your quantum energy is not with you now, which is converted into the state of the opening door. And so your body needs the required energy to make it up to keep the balance and harmony.      

       Where does the required energy come from?

       it is from many sources but mainly from the daily food we eat and drink.

       The research shows about 75,000 enzymes are found in human body, which can be classified into 3 kinds as metabolic enzymes that run our bodies, digestive enzymes that digest our food, and food enzymes from raw foods that start our food digestion. Enzymes are active chemical proteins produced internally mainly by pancreas, liver, and small intestine. They help speed up chemical reactions of digestion, absorption and excretion in our body. Our body can work all owing to enzymes, that is,  we can live because of enzymes, which offer the energy for us to breathe, to kill bacterial, cancer cells and virus, to produce new cells, to repair damaged cells, and to keep our blood circulation going smoothly, which is so important to keep us living and being healthy.

       Now we come to this point that we should take the food with rich enzymes. Rich enzymes food can manifest the human health.

       Tues, but which food?