Wake Up Your Divine Medicine Wheel & Let it Run (IV)

       As we know besides other sources causing sickness, among which eating is the main reason. Which food benefits our body and which we have to avoid?

       According to the research, pineapples, papayas, mangoes, bananas, avocados, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, kiwifruit, ginger, and honey, etc. also contain the rich enzymes. Somehow cooking will destroy the natural enzymes and raw eaten is the best, and salad food keeps high nutrition.

       How about the red meat?

       The market authorities claim that red meat contains important nutrients, including protein, vitamin B-12 to produce new red blood cells, to build muscle, born, other tissues, and enzymes, which promotes slaughtering other lives on this planet.

       However, some research has linked regular consumption of red meat to a number of health problems, such as heart disease, cancers, kidney problems, digestive issues, and mortality.

       The red meat, good or bad, debates have existed over years.

       Somehow , most human beings trust the authorities and follow their ancestors' eating habit, thinking red meat can make them strong.

       Here is the hints I need you think about.

       Sheep and cows never eat meat and tigers and wolves never eat grass. But both have red blood cells, bones, muscles, tissues, and enzymes, which seems it is nothing to do with what to eat. It is not about what you eat but it is indeed about what you eat and how your digestive system works.

       Our food sources come mainly from plants (vegetables and fruits) and red meat.

      Vegetables and fruits with their heads up draw the energy from the sun and with their roots down the nutrient-rich soils already contains enzymes required for us to digest the plants' proteins and carbohydrates. Vegetables and fruits are full of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, carbohydrates and proteins for the human body.

       And from the old Bible we know God gave the first man (Adam) and woman (Eve) a wonderful garden, Eden. He told them to eat fruits and plants and take care every single living thing in world.

       Our bowels (gut, gastrointestinal tract) from top to bottom, runs 25 feet in length, which is involved the process of digesting, absorbing and eliminating food. It takes time for what we eat to travel such a distance.

       So meat or vegetable, which is easier to digest?

       Regardless of what you eat, it takes 33 hours for man and 47 hours for woman.

       Proteins in red meat take as long as two days to fully digest, while fruits and vegetables in less than a day due to their high fiber content.

      2 days or less a day shows the speed of digestion that implies the state of the blood circulation. he good blood circulation not only carries the nutrients to our organs and tissues to support their growth but also excretes wastes from our body. The poor / low blood circulation can not only cause deficiency in support to the organs and issues but can also cause the blockage caused by insufficient waste excretion or un-fully-break-down debris, which leads to many president sicknesses.

       Meat is composed of muscle cells. A cell has a full life molecule memory. That is why science can use a small skin to colon a life. The red meat you eat is from the dead or rotten corpses. Even if  they are dead, their muscles still have he memory with the experience of the fear at the moment of being slaughtered, and their sickness etc. While  you think  you eat their protein, at the same time you also take their hatred, their scary and their sickness. And their protein is not that easy for your digestive organs to cope with. Your liver has to produce more bile to digest its muscle and fats, which causes your liver to over work, which is also one of the reasons of the liver cancer and other diseases. 

       And as e know, cysticercosis occur globally. Pork is infected with a tapeworm eaten by a human, who will be infected too and at last the tapeworms will attack and occupy that person's brain.

        The virus of COVID-19 has been cultivated from their lab based on kinds of poisonous animal bodies. It is designed to attack human's two pivotal organs Lung and Heart. These two organs  are closely functioning with each other. And the hint here is that the virus lives on meat but vegetables.

       For years human beings get used the eating red meat habit inherited from ancestors, thinking that is the healthiest way to strong their body. his eating culture is manifested in their daily life. No one suspects eating red meat would bring the potentially danger to their health and life until the invisible unknown virus has begun to attack the whole human society.

       Why is human body so weak and vulnerable to COVID-19? Where is our immunity power? Why cannot we resist the smallest invisible unknown? Why is the whole society at loss to face this smallest invisible virus?

       We blindly believe we are strong but the fact shows this smallest invisible virus has more power and more energy than the whole human society.

       Where is our energy? As we mentioned before large quantum energy works over small quantum energy. If our energy is larger than the virus, the virus cannot influence us.

       And human energy mainly comes from the food we eat. And the death rate of COVID-19 hints that red meat does not supply us with enough proteins to make our body strong and vice versa. In fact the meat diet culture has cultivated generations of generations of protein-deficiency. Human society is not only at stake but also sick, a sick society. How glory the medicine field, how inundation the drugs, how sick the people and its society.

       Can we get healthy back again? Can we be strong enough to be over the virus?

       The answer is Yes!

       The real revolutionary change is from changing our eating habit and our eating culture. 

       What to eat? 

       Eat the food with rich enzymes, which is easy for digestive organs to digest. You eat an animal's liver to repair your damaged liver, or you eat their hearts to repair your damaged heart or you eat their muscle to make your body strong, and all is not what you think. You cannot and your body cannot in that way.  You ignore or digestive organs' capacity limitation. They are selecting! This is not what you eat what they take. Our body's digestive system works well on plant fibers but red meat. The digesting speed of the time 2 : 0.5 hours/ day is a good proof as well as the research reports showing the eating meat leads to all kinds of diseases even to death.

       Meat brings the burden to the body organs while digesting, especially to the liver, which will influence your blood circulation and lead to many diseases at last. this is the reason why human society today is so vulnerable to such a smallest invisible unknown virus. Why an elephant is so afraid of a small ant? Again sheep and cows never eat  meat and tigers and wolves never eat grass but all of them have red blood cells, muscles, bones, and enzymes. So this is not about what you eat, somehow it is indeed about what you eat and how your digestive systems work.

       God told the first man and women to eat fruits and plants. God revealed to us what the healthy food is at the beginning of this world.

       It is time for the human society to change its traditional eating habit. It is time to follow God's saying. It is time to get your health back again. It is time to know all life is life. It is time to know all life needs to be respected. It is time to let love and mercy to your empty hearts. Human is lost. Human is at a cross. The cross is not AI or Organic, which, to me, is one way with two aspects, Ying and Yang. The cross is to death or to be.